All of the clinical photos/videos were specially consented by each patient for being the properties of Dr. Young K. Kim, as well as for its public release. Any utilization, processing, distribution, or copy of this material is strictly prohibited, in any form.

About Dr. Young K. Kim

Areas of Expertise


Dr. Todd R. Schoenbaum, DDS, MS

Clinical Professor & Director of Continuing Education, UCLA School of Dentistry

"I have found Dr. Kim to be an exceptionally dedicated, talented, and committed clinician. I hold him in very high regard. I would not hesitate to send my friends and family to him for treatment."

Dr. Touradj Ameli, MSc, DMD, FACP

Dual Board-certified Prosthodontist & Former Faculty, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Private Practice in Wellesley, MA

"Dr. Kim is a gifted dentist that possesses unique creativity to design treatment and artistic ability to execute the plan in the clinical setting! Not every dentist can claim to have both!"

Dr. Jason D. Lee, DMD, MMSc

 Prosthodontist & Full-time Faculty,  

Harvard School of Dental Medicine

"Dr. Kim was an exceptional resident during the course of his prosthodontics training at Harvard. His intelligence, clinical abilities and passion for the field of prosthodontics were clearly evident at the time, and have only grown brighter since."

Justin J. McElroy

VP of Business Development at Midwest Dental Arts

"From the eyes of a smile designer and technician, Dr. Kim is one of the most talented Prosthodontists I’ve seen. Dr. Kim has an exceptional eye for detail, with gifted hands and clinical skills he is able to deliver the highest level of patient care. His humble demeanor and passion for dentistry resonates amongst his peers and patients."

Dr. Brett Stein, DMD, MMSc

Prosthodontist, Private Practice in Boston, MA

"It was a pleasure studying with Dr. Kim in the prosthodontics program at Harvard. His attention to detail and delicate artistry was inspiring. He set the bar for excellence and mastery for which all peers could strive to match."

Dr. Stephanie Park, DMD, MMSc

Prosthodontist, Private Practice in California

"From training and working alongside Dr. Kim for years, I know that nobody loves dentistry as much as Dr. Kim does.  I have utmost confidence that Dr. Kim will consider all aspects of treatment to provide the best treatment possible for his patients."

Dr. Ted Tso, DMD, MMSc, FACP

Board-certified Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, 

Private Practice in California

"Dr. Kim is an exemplary clinician that I've known since residency. He pays attention to the small details most overlook and truly believes in what he does. His treatment recommendations will be the same whether you are family, friend, or just meeting for the first time."

Dr. Jae Y. Jang, DMD, MMSc, FACP

Board-certified Prosthodontist, Private Practice in Washington

"Dr. Kim truly cares about the patient’s treatment outcome. He is an outstanding prosthodontist capable of handling the most difficult cases. His background in both restorative and surgical training gives patients the unique experience of going through complex dental treatments in one sitting."

Dr. Jaeyoung Kim, DDS, MS, DMSc

Clinical Assistant Professor & Director of FGP, Seoul National University Gwanak Dental Hospital

"Dexterity & meticulousness belong to Dr.Kim, along with profound passion and knowledge in dentistry. During my residency at Harvard, I was deeply impressed by his desire to understand the complexities of all the lines of dentistry. I’m convinced that he would be a great addition to the world of dentistry!"

Dr. E. Armand Bedrossian, DDS, MSD

Co-founder of the D365 app & Prosthodontist,

Private Practice in San Francisco

"Dr. Kim provides a great balance of academia and clinical skills to every treatment. His patients are in very good hands."

Dr. Sang J. Lee, DMD, MMSc, FACP

Board-certified Prosthodontist & Assistant Professor & Director in AGE Prosthodontics program, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, 

"Dr. Kim is an outstanding graduate and alumnus from Advanced Graduate Prosthodontics at Harvard. He has been able to gain trust and respect from his colleagues, friends, and patients. He is not only an exceptional clinician but also a dedicated educator and researcher."

Dr. Leila Jahangiri, BDS, DMD, MMSc

Ira E. Klein Professor of Prosthodontics and Chair, Department of Prosthodontics,

NYU College of Dentistry

"A great clinician and scholar, with a great work ethic and "bedside" manner"

Dr. Christine Chu, DDS, FACP

Board-certified Prosthodontist &

Clinical Assistant Professor,

NYU College of Dentistry

"Dr. Kim is a perfectionist. His patients must be more than thrilled with his flawless work.  I would highly recommend him."

Dr. Young-Ku Heo, DDS, MSD, PhD

Chairman & CEO at NeoBiotech Co. ​

"Dr. Kim has proven the depth of his knowledge and skills in Prosthodontics as a Diplomate of ABP. Truly a brilliant prosthodontist who is passionate and committed to excellence in patient care."

Dr. Hyu Im, DDS, MS, CAGS

Prosthodontist, Private Practice in S. Korea

"Dr. Kim is one of the most brilliant prosthodontists with excellent clinical skills. His passion for dentistry is something that I admire as a fellow clinician."

Dr. Naif Sinada, DMD, MS

Maxillofacial Prosthodontist,

Private Practice in Arkansas

"Amazing photography, and even better attention to detail. Top notch dentistry being provided by Dr. Kim."

Dr. Mike Park, BMSc, DDS, MSD, FRCD (C)

Dual-board certified Periodontist/Prosthodontist, Private Practice in Alberta, Canada

"Dr. Kim is one of the best prosthodontists I know. He is kind, friendly and does amazing work."

Dr. Jeff Karp, PhD

 Professor of Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical school

"Dr. Kim has a great ability to channel his curiosity and creativity into his work to maximize societal impact."

Dr. Richard Liu, DMD, MMSc

Faculty, Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Private Practice in Newington, NH

"When I am asked to say two words about Dr. Kim.... my response will be MOST INNERVATION!"

Dr. Junhyouk Shin, DDS, MS

3 Shape World Board Member,

Private Practice in S. Korea

"By the presence of the most prestigious superstars in dentistry, I observed that they set out on a path upon which succeeding generations of next superstars would tread. It is on that path that Dr. Kim, too, has set out and one upon which he will make a significant impact in dentistry as an extraordinary clinician and academician."


Board-certified Surgical Prosthodontist

Practice Locations


Trinity Building 111 Broadway 17th floor, New York, New York, 10006

Tel: 212-267-2409

"...every case as a masterpiece of craftsmanship..."

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